feel good Friday✨💖

I’ve decided to post my top 5 inspirational/feel good quotes I’ve heard this week…

#1 If you can’t fly then run                                                                                                                  if you can’t run the walk                                                                                                                     and, if you cant walk then crawl                                                                                                     but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward!


#2 The strongest people make time to help others, even if their struggling with their own personal problems 


#3 Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax


#4 New day,                                                                                                                                      new you,                                                                                                                                            bring it on!


#5 Keep believing!


Please remember at least one of these and when you feel sad you can remember it and hopefully you will feel better and remember never give up!


Ellie in the middle…Forever in the middle xx



long time no post!

Okay so a lot has happened since my last blog and i feel so much more confident at speaking in public!!

And…i have big news. So I’ve now finished primary school for good and am halfway through the summer holidays! but that isn’t my big news. my big news is that one of my best friend is going to get handcuffed to me so we can raise money for dogs trust

dogs trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the uk. dogs trust cares for roughly 16,000 dogs and has 18 re-homing centers.

so was wondering if anyone who knows me personally would be able to sponsor me😁❤

thank you

Ellie in the middle….forever in the middlexxx


as the middle child people think I sort out the  augments but really I have the most my sister likes sport and my brother pretend so I feel like I need to do things I don’t want to

augments happen a lot with friends and family. Some people get along just fine but others ( me )  get in then a lot. There are few who like to cause it and unluckily j have one in my class.  Comment if you get in them alit or not

Ellie in the middle….forever in the middlexxx

changes all around us 😃

Hey guys, its been forever. I’m now in year 6 and  have had many changes; moving up a year,  people leaving and…..  a Swiss girl came to visit!!! she was (is) a Swiss student and we had so much fun.  The drama was crazy the last few weeks of term, now its gone down loads, I guess everyone realized we actually ARE in year 6.

A few blogs ago i told you about my stage fright and since then I’ve done lots at mass and have had a production were I sang in front of more than 160 people!!!


whether its small things like redecorating your room or big things like moving house, change comes in many different ways and affects people differently.  Always remember that when talking to other people about a change in your life.   Everyone is different and know you are your own so person don’t worry what others think, enjoy life as you only live once

Ellie in the middle…forever in the middlexxx    ❤



old and new

Here’s a blog I found in my drafts and as I’ve mentioned Christmas already I’ll get to the good stuff…

My class now has a new girl from Syria and she is so sweet and my new ‘bestie’.  Life’s okay and the drama is finally quieter (only a bit though).

I haven’t seen my dad lately as he has been doing lots of bike rides and stays late at work.  The Easter holidays are over, which means school tomorrow  (but I do get to see my friends again).


If your new or have someone in your class that’s new try to make friends show them what your personality is and what makes you special.  My personality is being witty, funny and I talk a lot.  Once people see who you are everyone will love you.

Ellie in the middle…forever in the middlexxx